Technical Representation

Aircraft Maintenance (Heavy Check/Modification)
An aircraft is a major asset and requires qualified and experienced personnel to protect, manage and retain asset value. We will provide technical representation for your commercial/VIP aircraft in heavy check, including total project management. We have extensive experience in project management relating to the key areas such as DER/DAR, Export C of A and Onsite Tech Rep.

Aircraft Acquisition
If you are acquiring an aircraft by way of full purchase, lease or rental agreements, let us send our experts to perform valuation, audit, and documentation and provide written report. We also provide services for the delivery of the aircraft including the required crew compliment.

Aircraft Sales
If you are selling an aircraft, we can provide qualified expertise on valuations, audits, documentation and assist with liason between you and your prospective buyer. Our aim is to provide a professional service leading to a smooth delivery and transfer in ownership and delivery.